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Hassan Khan

Technical Content Writer


Graduation BS Computer Science

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Tech Writer at SearchEngineLounge

Ever since I stepped foot in this world and sprouted consciousness, the curiosity to learn about technological advancement and try out newer gadgets has been growing more than ever.

In conjunction with being a self-proclaimed technological geek, playing and reviewing video games have also been my passion which is why I have a keen eye for detail in anything that involves electricity going through its circuits.

The burning desire to attain knowledge as well as explore newer forms of technology by reviewing the latest gadgets that include but are not limited to laptops, computers, cameras, smartphones, you name it.

It’s always been a pleasure to educate myself and spread knowledge to my peers and audience by producing content for the betterment of this world.

That is why, with years of gaming and tech exploration under my belt, I started my career by writing online reviews and articles for various websites after honing my skills and knowledge.

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